Parking Rules and Regulations


Customer acknowledges that any vehicle parked illegally (including but not limited to drive aisles, concrete islands, etc.) in an unauthorized area is subject to removal from the facility at the sole risk, cost, and expense of the Customer.

Vehicle repairs and/or maintenance (including but not limited to windshield chip repairs, cell phone or stereo equipment installation, oil changes. etc.) ARE NOT PERMITTED under any circumstances.

1445 ROSS AVENUE, LLC is offering a license to park, therefore, no bailment is created. Customer acknowledges and agrees that he/she must lock his/her own vehicle, therefore, neither 1445 ROSS AVENUE, LLC or building management are responsible for fire, theft, damage to, or loss of, such vehicle or any items of personal property left therein.

The term of this license is month to month and is subject to policies and procedures promulgated by building management, which may change from time to time. If neither party so notifies the other in writing as required under this paragraph, this Agreement shall automatically renew at the end of each month for an additional monthly period at the same rate. Except for spaces designated as 'Valet" or otherwise, all parking shall be on an unreserved, first come, first serve basis.

1445 ROSS AVENUE, LLC and building management shall have the right to increase any and all parking fees, including monthly parking lees, payable hereunder by giving written notice to customer at least 30-days prior to the expiration of any monthly period.

All access devices or license plates must be used in an "in-out" sequence.  Any abuse or violation of policies regarding garage access device(s) will result in the daily maximum parking fees being imposed on all parties discovered to be involved in said infractions as well as a $35 violation fee.  Monthly parking privileges could also be revoked.

1445 ROSS AVENUE, LLC and building management reserve the right to temporarily close the facility, or certain areas therein, in order to perform necessary repairs, maintenance, or improvements. 1445 ROSS AVENUE, LLC and building management will post notice in the facility of such closures. Closures in the case of emergencies will take place without prior notification.

Customer shall not assign or sub-lease any parking space. 1445 ROSS AVENUE, LLC or building management may terminate this agreement immediately in the event of any such assignment or sub-tease. Credit will not be given for any reason, for any days during which Customer does not use the parking license created by this agreement.

Late Charges - Customer acknowledges that late payment of any amount due under this Agreement will cause 1445 ROSS AVENUE, LLC and building management to incur costs not contemplated by this Agreement, such as processing and accounting charges. If any amount due is not received due by the 15th of the month, then, without any requirement Of notice, Customers account shall be assessed a fee equal to $10 per access device on account. Acceptance of such a late charge imposed by 1445 ROSS AVENUE, LLC or building management shall in no event constitute a waiver of Customers default with respect to such overdue amount, nor prevent FPP or building management from exercising any of the other rights and remedies granted hereunder.

To request additional parking, the tenant must contact 1445 ROSS AVENUE, LLC or log on to the Public Portal provided by 1445 ROSS AVENUE, LLC and follow the links to contract parking. Please allow at least 24 hours for requests to be processed. A monthly parking contract for every parker added to an account must be completed online. Garage access will be activated without a contract or while one is being completed.